Commitment to intersection jump-starts

A great way for us to make bus travel faster is by providing bus only lanes and jump-start intersections where buses have a slip lane that will get them going before the rest of the traffic. We will also look at other technology such as transponders on buses that tell the traffic signals that a bus is approaching the lights can be phased accordingly. Our aim will be to do what’s needed to get you where you need to go as quickly as possible.

kiss ride facilities

Bus stops – creating attractive sheltered stops

Our proposal for the Rapid Bus Network will see new super bus shelters placed along the route. They will provide covered waiting areas with all-weather shielding and, where possible, heated seats. We also propose the bus shelters will have a covered canopy to allow passengers to enter the buses without getting wet. We will investigate a tier of bus shelter facilities that can be implemented across the Canberra-wide bus network that will better suit the needs of passengers. We will also provide a superior level of information for customers at stops that can give real time arrival and departures as well as static information on wayfinding and local facilities within walking distance from the stop. This will be part of our Accessible Canberra campaign to help people get around.


Local technology and innovation budget

We are a smart city with many great minds which we can call upon to help enhance our bus and transport networks. We propose a local technology and innovation budget that will see funds made available to locals who can contribute great ideas and systems to help us achieve a truly smart and innovative transport city.

intelligent transport

Major bus station infrastructure

The major town centre bus stations do not provide optimal integration with the nearby retail, commercial and residential facilities. We will work with adjacent property and business owners to make short-term improvements to paths, lighting, shelter and security and mid to long-term improvements to the design of the infrastructure. The improvements will also ensure appropriate integration with cycling, taxi and pedestrian facilities.

Electric Buses

Audit of bus stops

Many bus stops in Canberra are sub-standard by way of being accessible for people of all abilities. An audit and priority list will be developed to ensure that all Canberrans can access the network.

New north side bus depot

Kiss & Ride facilities

Park & Ride is not always feasible for everyone. We will work to establish Kiss & Ride facilities at as many locations as possible to ensure that customers can be dropped-off at safe places on rapid routes before catching a bus.


New fit-out for buses

Our plan for the Rapid Bus Network is to introduce high-capacity buses, such as our proposed four door articulated vehicles. We will provide buses that are modern and sleek and provide a feeling of elegance, yet be able to provide efficiency and flexibility. We plan to bring bikes onboard the buses, instead of needing to be mounted on the front of buses, so people can sit close to them and prepare for a quick exit with their bike at their bus station. This will also help speed up dwell time at stops. We also aim to specify better seating and more onboard entertainment and information systems to keep you informed on your journey. We won’t forget our Local feeder services and Express bus passengers and will also aim to ensure all future buses delivered for the ACTION network have improved facilities onboard.

Local technology and innovation budget

Intelligent transport systems (signalisation, variable speed limits etc)

We plan to review the current road infrastructure to ensure that we are proving the best possible world-leading technology available. We will investigate new forms of signalisation to help speed our buses up and variable speed limits on our major roads. Bus priority roadways and intersections will also be monitored constantly and steps will be taken to reduce motorists using bus lanes illegally.

Interchange infrastructure

Electric buses

Our plan is to procure and test electric buses in the ACTION fleet. Battery technology is improving at such a pace that electric buses are already a reality. If the trial is successful, we will plan for a future fleet of electric buses.

Audit of stops

New north side bus depot

The establishment of an additional facility to serve a growing city.