A new direction for ACTION

We need an improved transport system for all of Canberra. This means making significant but reasonable changes for the benefit of public transport, cars, cyclists and pedestrians whilst allowing for new technology such as autonomous vehicles.

The Canberra Liberals’ public transport plan puts the passenger first. Under a Canberra Liberals Government, journeys will be faster and shorter for everyone. Our network will be frequent, safe, convenient, reliable and comfortable. Our plan will result in significant improvements in services and not result in the closure of any bus stops.

Our vision is for a bus network that is so frequent, people won’t need to know the timetable because there is always a service less than 15 minutes away.

At the heart of our reforms to public transport will be the passenger. We will commit to improving the quality of service in every respect, including routes, the experience, infrastructure, information and governance. We are committed to community transport solutions and a system that serves people with disabilities and minimises transport disadvantage. Unlike light rail, a modern bus system can minimise transfers and serve the entire city.

We will do this by making public transport a first preference, not a last resort.

By placing the passenger experience at the centre of decision making, we will use innovation, existing assets, procurement, and most importantly, our ACTION staff, to their best potential.

ACTION staff are the public face of the service and we will support them as they support passengers. We will ensure that external and internal communication is of best practice and we will strive to make continuous improvement in how ACTION relates to Canberrans.

We want everyone in Canberra to be proud of ACTION, be they existing passengers, future passengers or staff.

We will not try to force patronage growth by making it harder to drive a car, but by making public transport a more attractive option. Whilst components of our vision will take longer to achieve than others, this plan is the roadmap toward a modern public transport system, for all of Canberra.


Travel from Gungahlin to the City will be up to 10 minutes faster than light rail


Why transport matters

Transport is a grass roots building block for modern life in our amazing city. Our ability to move around for work, school or leisure plays an important part of our daily routine.

Our population is growing rapidly and many suburbs are some of the fastest growing suburbs in the country. We need to make sure our transport system can keep up with this growth and meet the changing travel needs of all Canberrans.

Passengers want to move around easily and quickly at times that suit them, especially during peak periods, on weekends and at night. When travel options fall short of these expectations they turn quite quickly to alternative forms of transport to get them where they need to go and our bus system can be seen as failing them.

Canberra is a bus city. Its geography means people need to travel to multiple locations and therefore a fast, frequent and reliable bus network is highly suited to our needs.   

A bus future will ensure that no matter where or when we need to go, we can choose to use a sustainable transport alternative and reduce our city’s environmental footprint and reliance on the private motor vehicle. 

A network of Rapid bus routes combined with Express and local routes will provide a network that will cater for the city’s transport needs.  

This website outlines the public transport initiatives of the plan and provides an opportunity for people to give feedback about how they would like to see Canberra’s transport future shaped.

Canberra’s Transport Future - for all Canberrans.  Our journey starts here.

Better Buses. A better Canberra.

Apostrohe a public transport system for all of Canberra Apostrophe

The Canberra Rapid Bus Network is a proposal that will form part of the vision for Canberra’s sustainable transport future.

The population of Canberra will continue to increase and we need to plan and construct a transport system that will meet the needs of as many Canberrans as possible without incurring incredible cost to taxpayers. The network must serve the needs of all Canberrans.

With our high car dependency, a truly economically viable solution is needed. Investing and implementing a Rapid Bus Network will ensure that as many Canberrans as possible have a high frequency bus route that connects their suburb to the city and Parliamentary Triangle as well as local town centres.

A commitment to bus priority measures will give buses a head start at busy intersections and, where possible, a separate dedicated bus lane or bus roadway will ensure buses have a fast non-stop and uninterrupted journey, especially in peak hours.

The Rapid bus stations will enable passengers to easily identify and access the new Rapid Bus Network. They will provide a comfortable, secure, safe and flexible environment for customers of not just Rapid bus routes, but also local and express services.

The Rapid Bus Network will be complemented by a series of transport initiatives that will enhance the existing ACTION bus system. Both the Rapid Network and the ACTION local bus network will immediately plan for the implementation of a seven day network, meaning all routes will operate seven days a week, unlike the existing weekday and weekend bus networks. Additionally, late night services will be planned for every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The aim of the plan will be to make travel using Canberra’s bus system as comfortable, safe and convenient as possible and work to increase transport usage during both peak and off peak periods to sustainable levels.

Apostrophe the heart of our reforms will be our passengers Apostrophe

Some of the key transport aims will include:

  • Provide a modern transport system that will put customers first
  • Improve quality of service and ensure services depart on time, every time
  • Integrate the bus network to meet customer needs by improving connectivity and helping ease movement between local, express and Rapid bus services
  • Getting Canberra travelling again and increasing patronage and use of our current services and assets including better transport information at stops and customer experience products
  • Modernise our bus system with new vehicles with better onboard fit-outs, new modern bus stop furniture and real time devices
  • Grow the bus network to meet future demands in Canberra’s west and north and continually improve governance and administration of the city’s transport network.

Public Transport Initiatives

An integrated transport plan that meets the needs of all Canberrans and our rapidly developing city

How much will this all cost?

This proposal is an economical solution that is suited to Canberra and will deliver world class public transport services and facilities for all parts of our wonderful city.

A Rapid bus proposal will deliver all the benefits of a tram but at a favourable price per passenger.

Anticipated costs will be outlined closer to the ACT election.

What happens next?

If you agree with our plan for Canberra’s Transport Future then please send us your messages and ideas for support.

Also, more importantly, please cast your vote at the next election to ensure our economical and sustainable solution can be implemented.