The Canberra Liberals’ Gungahlin to City Infrastructure Plan will be almost 10 minutes faster than the proposed tram. We will build new infrastructure to make buses faster and get buses and bicycles in their own lane. This will free-up general traffic lanes for cars along Northbourne Ave.

The infrastructure will enable:

  • A faster journey from Gungahlin, Belconnen and the Inner North
  • Bus bays to allow for non-stop buses to pass
  • A safer journey for cyclists
  • Retention and planting of trees and enhanced pedestrian facilities
  • Traffic light sequencing
Gungahlin to City Infrastructure infographic

About the plan

A Canberra Liberals Government will deliver a rapid transit corridor and additional road capacity on Northbourne Avenue, the Federal Highway and Flemington Road that will be faster than trams, at a fraction of the cost, Shadow Minister for Transport Alistair Coe said today. 

“Our common sense solution involves dedicated bus infrastructure, safe cycle lanes and additional road lanes that will combine for seamless and efficient transport. With the infrastructure we’re proposing, express buses will travel from Gungahlin to the City in 17 minutes, almost 10 minutes faster than trams,” Mr Coe said.

“These exciting plans include:

  • A dedicated southbound bus lane from Harrison all the way to the City.
  • A dedicated northbound bus lane from Barry Drive to Antill Street and an additional traffic lane then on to the Barton Highway.
  • North/south dedicated cycle lane in the median strip for 12 km between Gungahlin and the City.
  • Duplication of the single lane stretches of Flemington Road to ease this major bottleneck.
  • Measures to see buses by-pass the Federal-Barton Highway intersection.

“Our current plan is for the bus lanes on Northbourne Avenue to be kerbside; however, a Canberra Liberals Government will seek expert engineering advice as to whether a median aligned bus lane would be a better option. Regardless of the alignment, the dedicated bus lanes will allow for less than 30 minute commutes by bus at peak hour from every Gungahlin suburb.

“The Canberra Liberals would seek to task the Canberra Metro Consortium to undertake this work, rather than a tram. We’re budgeting $58 million for these works, which includes a significant contingency.

“This comprehensive infrastructure plan for the Northbourne corridor will save the ACT over a billion dollars and provide a better transport solution,” Mr Coe concluded.

Gungahlin to City Infrastructure infographic